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Help for product search

Products can be browsed either by using search patterns or by selecting a group of products using the list of tools.

You can access the list by clicking on the tab labeled 'the tools' at the top of the page.

The columns of product listings:

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  Art.No.     Item Description     EAN Code     SP     Picture  
80200 Pulttisakset MINI 200mm 6418868802003 Picture
80450 Pulttisakset MG 450mm 6418868804502 Picture
Search found 2 matching products

  1. The article number of the product
  2. The description of the item
  3. EAN code of the product
  4. There will be a symbol in this column if the packaging of the product is suitable for self service sale
  5. By clicking on this icon a picture of the item will be shown on a pop-up window (requires javascript support)