Phillips screwdriver bits with impact rated material and shape in 25 mm length

  • Made with shock resistant tip geometry from precision heat treated S2 tool steel
  • Impact bits are also highly recommended for heavy-duty use with conventional power drivers
  • Screw type can easily be identified by the colour of the plastic ring on each bit
25 mm
1/4″ Bits
DIN Standard
3126 C
ISO Standard
1173 C

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Unit Unit of measure associated with article
Content Individual pieces contained inside unit
Size Nominal size
Length Nominal total length
Drive Size and/or type of drive
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GTIN-13 Global Trade Item Number (also known as EAN-13)
17271 Bit Piece 2 pcs Impact Ph1 25 mm 1/4″ Bits Box 10 pcs 6418868172717
17272 Bit Piece 2 pcs Impact Ph2 25 mm 1/4″ Bits Box 10 pcs 6418868172724
17273 Bit Piece 2 pcs Impact Ph3 25 mm 1/4″ Bits Box 10 pcs 6418868172731