Art. 17065
1/4″ Bits
16 mm
60 mm

Magnetic bit holder with advanced Super-Lock mechanism

  • Super-Lock is automatically engaged when the bit is simply inserted into the holder
  • Locking is released by sliding back the sleeve, and the bit is simultaneously ejected out of the locking position
  • The internal permanent magnet also assists by holding screw to the bit
Magnetic Magnetic

Technical Details

Bit holder Super-Lock 60mm
Size Nominal size
1/4″ Bits
Nominal diameter
16 mm
Length Nominal total length
60 mm
Drive Size and/or type of drive
1/4″ Bits
ISO Standard Associated ISO standards
1173 E
DIN Standard Associated DIN standards
3126 E

Distribution Details

Article no.
GTIN-13 Global Trade Item Number (also known as EAN-13)
HS Code Harmonized System (HS) code for tariff (customs and tax)
Unit Unit of measure associated with article
Bulk Package Type of bulk sales package
Bulk Quantity Quantity contained in bulk sales package
25 pcs
Gross Weight Gross weight of unit
0.033 kg
Unit Width Shelf width of sales package
0.055 m
Unit Height Shelf height of sales package
0.16 m
Unit Depth Shelf depth of sales unit
0.017 m