Art. 19030
30 m

Extremely durable 30 metre chalk line with rubber grip and folding crank handle

  • Chalk line makes it possible to easily mark long and straigt lines on flat surfaces
  • The blue chalk included with the set is intended for temporary markings that can be removed from most materials
  • Rewind mechanism can be released by pressing down the knob, so line can be drawn out conveniently
  • Reel mechanism comes with 6:1 gear ratio for very quick rewind

Keep out of reach of children. Chalk can stain some materials permanently. Avoid direct contact and do not inhale powder. Use safety equipment if necessary.

Technical Details

Chalk line 30m with blue chalk 100g
Length Nominal total length
30 m

Distribution Details

Article no.
GTIN-13 Global Trade Item Number (also known as EAN-13)
HS Code Harmonized System (HS) code for tariff (customs and tax)
Unit Unit of measure associated with article
Bulk Package Type of bulk sales package
Bulk Quantity Quantity contained in bulk sales package
6 pcs
Gross Weight Gross weight of unit
0.34 kg
Unit Width Shelf width of sales package
0.16 m
Unit Height Shelf height of sales package
0.24 m
Unit Depth Shelf depth of sales unit
0.07 m